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Vacuum Sealers Types

FoodSaver V4440 Vacuum Sealing System ReviewBig supermarkets are no longer the only ones who make use of vacuum sealers to keep their food safe. With the advent of technology, especially when it comes to home appliances, many manufacturers have succeeded in creating a a small food sealer in the size of printer that can get inside any average kitchen. Many people are not yet aware that these food saving machines exist. Whether it’s for extending the life of your food or saving your dinner leftovers, vacuum sealers are adds a real value to the modern kitchen.

A vacuum sealing system works by removing air from the bag in which food is put. Less oxygen in the package contributes to the preservation of the freshness of it and limits bacterial growth which could result in spoiling your food. The best vacuum sealer will help you food in bulk fast and with easy. The more a food saver can draw air, the better it is for extending the life of your preserved food. It’s calculated that sealing food with these type of devices would triple the duration which you can leave your food before using it. After sealing it, all you have to do is to find a place for it in your freezer. That way you would have saved food and also money.

I think that you’re starting to consider buying a vacuum sealer. But there’s still a somethings to take in consideration. Because of the great amount of models out there, choosing the best vacuum sealer is not an easy task. I’ve chosen for you some key characteristics to look for in order to pick the one that suits best your needs.

Sealer’s Type

First, type is an important point to examine when looking for the best vacuum sealer. By type, I essentially mean the purpose which the vacuum sealing system is designed for. Vacuum sealers are not all designed for the same tasks. You find some models which are best for fruits and vegetables and others which are best for meat. You can also find vacuum sealers which you can use also to save jewelry or other previous stuff. So when the brand is well-known and claims to fulfill all these tasks, all you have to do is check some customers reviews to verify if it’s true and get your credit card out.


The second thing you must consider when buying a vacuum sealer is the portability. This would depend on your needs. But if you care much about getting the lower carbon footprint, then you may consider a handheld vacuum sealer. Nevertheless, you should be aware that generally, portable and lightweight sealers are not the best in terms of performance and are not the most durable. The alternative is of course not a sealer of the size of a fridge, which will of course be annoying, but there are vacuum sealers which are medium in size and will perform tasks quickly and effectively and will last very long.

FoodSaver FM200-Vacuum Sealing System
FoodSaver FM200-Vacuum Sealing System

Sealing Mechanism

The last thing you must pay attention to is the the sealing mechanism. This is usually explicitly mentioned in the product’s features. A good vacuum sealer will have a quality heating bar. In addition to strength, in order to nicely seal food, these devices are equipped with heating bars featuring silicone frames. Cheap vacuum sealers usually have a weakly made sealing mechanism, so make sure to look at reviews and examine features closely.
I hope this article will make your journey to the best vacuum sealer easier. Don’t forget to share the post with you friends, sharing is caring.

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Baseboard Heaters Vs Space Heaters

The choice of using a baseboard heater or space heater depends on the type of heating system you use and the amount of heat level you want. Most Baseboard Heaters have an electric power range of 500 to 2,000 watts and require voltages of 120-volts or 240-volts.

Baseboard Heaters may turn to be one of the most expensive ways to heat your home if used as the primary source of heat. They are relatively cheap methods when supplement the heating in your home. They are also quieter in operation than space heaters as they do not use fans.

Baseboard heaters also don’t have a flame and thus do not generate carbon monoxide nor do they tip over easily. There is no need for additional ducting when using baseboard heaters, and over the long term they are more efficient than space heaters. They are designed with a protective covering that prevents potential burn when touch at the surface.

Space heaters are cheaper to buy if compared to baseboard heaters, and are only cheap to run when they are used to heat up a small area or supplement heat in one room. They are not as efficient as baseboard heaters and should never be used as the main source of heating in the home.

Space heaters carry safety precautions that baseboard heaters do not such as not to use them when you are not in the same room or when you are asleep. They are portable and can be plugged in any room or space. They should be plugged into their own dedicated circuit to prevent the loss of power (they consume a lot of power) and tripping the circuit breakers.

The downside of baseboard heaters is the necessity of keeping all furniture and house items away from it as this can cause a great fire hazard. They are more expensive than space heaters but are safer to use due to the lower potential of causing a fire; space heaters should be used with caution since they are more likely to cause fires.

If the entire room is required to be heated the best option would be to use a baseboard heater. Space heaters are a better option to use when heating up a small area or room on a sporadic basis.

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Before Buying a Cooling Fan, Consider These Points

Before Buying a Cooling Fan

A fan can be really helpful in summer days. I can say that all types of fans can be beneficial in all cases, when it’s really hot. But it’s obvious that not all the fans serve a specific purpose. Each situation requires certain function, design, power and size. For example, in the office you don’t want to buy a ceiling fan as it is expensive when considering the use of one person. A ceiling fan is more suitable for a family space. In the office you may use a desk fan or a tower fan as it is less expensive and serve the purpose very well. But there are some points that should be considered that we figure out after having bought a fan and which are the following.


I find more pleasant to have the fan on oscillating mode rather than to fix it in one direction. This is more natural as it resembles the uneven, seemingly random movement. It also, at the level of noise, is less disturbing. In addition to that, when the fan is moving right and left, you feel more the cool breeze effect that the fan produces. Also, when you point the fan in one direction, only some part of your body benefits from the cool airflow as opposed to oscillating mode in which all your body cools down.

Air Circulation

When it comes to air circulation, a ceiling fan always seems to be the best option. There are many interesting ceiling fans like Minka Aire ones which can do this task in a nice way, but there are some fans manufacturers who focused on this point when designing their cooling fans other than ceiling fans. One of these brand is Vornado. This famous, which the name makes us think of ‘Tornado’, developed a technology in their fans with the aim to have a constant airflow in the room rather than the momentary oscillation.


The airflow power of a fan is also a point to look at when buying a fan. The more a fan is powerful, the more choice you have in adapting it to various situations.

Next you want to purchase a fan, make sure you imagine yourself having this fan, how you will use it and where in order to decide which one is the more suitable for you.


Germguardian Air Purifiers Review

Germguardian is the name given by Guardian Technologies to its most successful air purifiers. Guardian Technologies is a company which uses innovative technologies to produce small appliances solutions destined for families aiming for a health living. Products from Guardian t Technologies include air purifiers (featuring True HEPA), ultrasonic humidifiers, UV air sanitizers, essential oil diffusers, and essential aromatherapy oils. The ones I will focus on in this post are the Germguardian air purifiers.

Germguardian Air Purifiers

Germguardian Air Purifiers

An air purifier is a device which helps remove germs and other particles in order to live an quality air environment. Because environments and needs vary, Guardian Technologies has released various air purifiers models. The most popular of them all are the Germguardian AC4825, Germguardian AC5000E and Germguardian AC5250PT.

Common Features

The Germguardian air purifiers are equipped with a HEPA filter. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. According to Guardian Technologies, all these air purifiers are able to capture 99.97% of these small particles thanks to UV light technology which is capable of killing airborne bacteria. The design of these three air purifiers are pretty much the same with some variations in size and options. Another common features of the Germguardian air purifiers is the 3 in 1 cleaning system.

Germguardian AC4825

This model is the most popular and is also a best seller on Amazon in HEPA Filter Air Purifiers category, and it has more than 4200 customer reviews. This unit is also equipped with the HEPA air filtration which is recommended by Doctor according to the American Academy of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology. This unit features a carbon filter, a UV-C Technology which works to kill airborne germs and is capable to remove odor. Because this unit is the smallest, it’s ideal for small to medium rooms. Last time I’ve checked the price, it was $99.

Germguardian AC5000

This one is like the big brother of the Germguardian AC4825 as it has the mainly the same features except for the size which this air purifier can cover. This unit is CADR rated 125+ and which is ideal for Large Rooms. It has the same design as the previous one with the only difference of being a bit taller.

Germguardian AC5250PT

The title given by Guardian Technologies to this model is Pet Pure True HEPA, which suggests that this one is more specialized for people having pets in their home and wish to reduce allergy symptoms and suffering. The size of this one is also bigger than the AC4825 and is also made for large rooms. Just like the previous model, this one is also CADR rated 125+. The AC5250PT has a plus compared to the others, which the Digital Controls which make it more handy. It has also an indicator to warn the owner that the filter needs to be changed.


The Germguardian air purifiers are growing in popularity, certainly because of their affordable price, good customer rating and the nice design. One last thing to keep in mind is that in order to keep your unit safe from harm, you must regularly clean the filter and change it once 6 months to keep the unit functioning at an optimal level and It is advised to use Genuine Guardian Technologies™ replacement parts only to ensure the quality also to maintain the warranty. And in case the filters are not genuine Guardian Technologies has stated clearly that it will void the warranty.

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Household Technology and Artificial Intelligence

Almost anyone loves change, of course positive change. Whether it’s small or big, feeling progress is inexplicably satisfying and rewarding. In the case of new purchases that make our lives easier and more convenient, we tend to feel a sense of progress and pride in our selves even though we didn’t create these things, but we kind of reward our selves for the “right” choice we’ve made. Smartphones, tablets, smart watches all testify for that. Technological advancement has touched almost every part of our lives and there are some items which are becoming indispensable.

Household Technology and Artificial Intelligence

What About Robots ?

Many journalists are wondering whether robots will take over our lives. Many people feel a bit scared when imagining a human creation made of solid steel having human like capabilities taking over their lives. I’m sure that others accept, let’s say by necessity, to let these technological “devices” control some parts of their lives especially when it comes to getting rid of their household chores. This is by the way the opinion of Michael Björn the Head of Research at Ericsson ConsumerLab.

We Are (Almost) Already Living It

While many people don’t feel the slow shift we are experiencing in our lives, others are aware. Smart home automation systems are somehow the brain of the house. Who’s brain is this? Doesn’t this sound like a scary question? For people fearing a presumed robot conspiracy, it is. But when we take a look at people living in an automated house, it’s really not as alarming as we’ve just imagined. Nevertheless, household technology have also it’s cons and “horrifying” situations when you count on your smart home system to lock the doors at night but fails to do it. Smartphones having Siri installed in them are also transforming a smartphone to a personal, virtual assistant allowing users to get things done throughout the day easy and fast. The voice-control option make it sound more like a robot and because of its contextual awareness, he seems to know more than you know and respond to questions that even a human can’t think of.

Dumb Appliances

If we observe our lives, we realize that the machines we use in our everyday lives are running it somehow. These machines are not smart and this doesn’t please to us. We have to read manuals with hundred of pages, repair them, and buy them lots of electricity. This is clearly an unstated call for smart(er) machines/devices. But of course there should be limits to this Artificial Intelligence machines in order not to get out of control or execute more than we want them to (manual and automatic driving modes are a great example ). This will result in freeing a great deal of time, saving energy and lessening worries.

Confirming Statistics

According to, by 2020 a range of domestic robots helping with everyday chores such as cooking and laundry will not be a surprise for at least 64% of consumers. In addition to functional tasks, robots would also keep company to people especially the elders.