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Before Buying a Cooling Fan, Consider These Points

Before Buying a Cooling Fan

A fan can be really helpful in summer days. I can say that all types of fans can be beneficial in all cases, when it’s really hot. But it’s obvious that not all the fans serve a specific purpose. Each situation requires certain function, design, power and size. For example, in the office you don’t want to buy a ceiling fan as it is expensive when considering the use of one person. A ceiling fan is more suitable for a family space. In the office you may use a desk fan or a tower fan as it is less expensive and serve the purpose very well. But there are some points that should be considered that we figure out after having bought a fan and which are the following.


I find more pleasant to have the fan on oscillating mode rather than to fix it in one direction. This is more natural as it resembles the uneven, seemingly random movement. It also, at the level of noise, is less disturbing. In addition to that, when the fan is moving right and left, you feel more the cool breeze effect that the fan produces. Also, when you point the fan in one direction, only some part of your body benefits from the cool airflow as opposed to oscillating mode in which all your body cools down.

Air Circulation

When it comes to air circulation, a ceiling fan always seems to be the best option. There are many interesting ceiling fans like Minka Aire ones which can do this task in a nice way, but there are some fans manufacturers who focused on this point when designing their cooling fans other than ceiling fans. One of these brand is Vornado. This famous, which the name makes us think of ‘Tornado’, developed a technology in their fans with the aim to have a constant airflow in the room rather than the momentary oscillation.


The airflow power of a fan is also a point to look at when buying a fan. The more a fan is powerful, the more choice you have in adapting it to various situations.

Next you want to purchase a fan, make sure you imagine yourself having this fan, how you will use it and where in order to decide which one is the more suitable for you.