Baseboard Heaters Vs Space Heaters

The choice of using a baseboard heater or space heater depends on the type of heating system you use and the amount of heat level you want. Most Baseboard Heaters have an electric power range of 500 to 2,000 watts and require voltages of 120-volts or 240-volts.

Baseboard Heaters may turn to be one of the most expensive ways to heat your home if used as the primary source of heat. They are relatively cheap methods when supplement the heating in your home. They are also quieter in operation than space heaters as they do not use fans.

Baseboard heaters also don’t have a flame and thus do not generate carbon monoxide nor do they tip over easily. There is no need for additional ducting when using baseboard heaters, and over the long term they are more efficient than space heaters. They are designed with a protective covering that prevents potential burn when touch at the surface.

Space heaters are cheaper to buy if compared to baseboard heaters, and are only cheap to run when they are used to heat up a small area or supplement heat in one room. They are not as efficient as baseboard heaters and should never be used as the main source of heating in the home.

Space heaters carry safety precautions that baseboard heaters do not such as not to use them when you are not in the same room or when you are asleep. They are portable and can be plugged in any room or space. They should be plugged into their own dedicated circuit to prevent the loss of power (they consume a lot of power) and tripping the circuit breakers.

The downside of baseboard heaters is the necessity of keeping all furniture and house items away from it as this can cause a great fire hazard. They are more expensive than space heaters but are safer to use due to the lower potential of causing a fire; space heaters should be used with caution since they are more likely to cause fires.

If the entire room is required to be heated the best option would be to use a baseboard heater. Space heaters are a better option to use when heating up a small area or room on a sporadic basis.